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Last week a 56-year old man arrived at CRT offices on Market Street in Hartford for a scheduled appointment – he got inside just in time! He was having a drug overdose, but thanks to the quick thinking and decisive action of CRT’s Behavioral Health Services team, he received NARCAN and was resuscitated. He is starting CRT’s Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program to help with addiction recovery.

CRT’s Medical Director, Dr. Sharon Hasbani, spoke exclusively with Margaux Farrell from Fox 61 about the quick thinking and decisive action of CRT’s Behavioral Health Services team to save a man from a drug overdose.

More information is available on the Fox 61 website.

As the holidays approach, there are a lot of families struggling to put food on the table this year during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mike Massaro from NBC Connecticut shares details about the work of some local businesses (including Hartford-based Gold Bond Mattress) and volunteers from Dog Star Rescue who provided Thanksgiving meals this past weekend to 24 families helped by CRT, along with special food and treats for their pets, too.

The story was also shared by Jim Altman on Fox 61.

Hartford resident Pedro Robles shares his life-long struggle with drug addiction, and how it has become even harder for him during the Coronavirus pandemic. He has received intensive outpatient therapy with the Community Renewal Team (CRT), but every day brings new challenges. As Margaux Farrell from Fox 61 notes: “Addiction is a health crisis on top of the pandemic, but hope is the key.”

Watch this exclusive report to learn more about how CRT is helping people with programs like Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) to move toward a life of recovery.

You can get more details in this story from Fox 61 News.