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The Community Renewal Team (CRT) in partnership with Liberty Bank is pleased to announce the availability of a unique “Community Asset Building Initiative” (CABI) to help people in Hartford and Middlesex Counties achieve financial independence and security as they save money for future home ownership.

Qualified individuals will enroll in a special online training course with CRT financial counselors. Upon the successful completion of all 10 modules in this course, along with opening a special CABI savings account through Liberty Bank, those individuals will be eligible to receive up to a one-to-one match of $1,000 from Liberty Bank to help them achieve the dream of owning their own home.

The CABI program offers participants incentive savings matches, personal and money management education, peer and staff support, and individual counseling to make asset ownership attainable.

For those individuals who qualify for the CABI savings accounts, Liberty Bank agrees to offer an interest-bearing savings account, paying at least a market rate of interest, as detailed in Liberty Bank’s Personal Deposit Account Agreement (PDAA). This account will be free from service charges or any other charges for all individuals that CRT accepts as a CABI participant.

CRT will help to monitor CABI program participants’ monthly savings activity in an effort to help them reach their savings goals and ultimately become successful long-term asset owners.

How do you enroll in the CABI Program?

Admission in the CABI program does require a pre-application, and qualified participants will be added to the program on a rolling basis. The first 10 people to successfully complete the course requirements and establish and maintain their CABI savings account will receive the $1,000 matching grant from Liberty Bank.

Individuals that are interested in participating in this unique asset-building initiative should visit the CABI page for more information.