Today marks “Giving Tuesday” and CRT invites donors to do all they can to help one person in need to stay healthy and safe this holiday season. Thanks to an anonymous donor, each donation this month will be matched dollar for dollar!

Jenn Bernstein from Fox 61 News shared the story with their viewers.

You can also see details on the Fox 61 website.

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By raising money through Birdies for Charity, CRT will receive a 15% bonus on top of every donation given now through June 27, 2021!

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When CRT raises money through the Birdies for Charity program, we will receive 100% of every donation collected, PLUS a 15% bonus on top of every donation, thanks to the support of Webster Bank.

For example, if we can reach the following:
2021 Collected Donation Goal: $5,000
2021 Bonus Bucks Program: $750
Total Funds Received in 2021: $5,750

You have until June 27 to donate to CRT through Birdies for Charity and help us receive an extra 15% from your donation!

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