See the Winners of CRT’s 30th Annual National Arts Program

We couldn’t contain our excitement any longer! CRT is excited to announce the winners of our 30th Annual National Arts Program.

Below you will find Title and Artist information on the winning work from CRT’s 2021 National Arts Program.

Please visit: 2021 WINNERS! – CRT National Arts Show 2021 ( to view all the winning work!

And the winners are …

Youth Category (age 12 and under):
Honorable Mentions:

  • Cozy Coffee by Tessa Carlson
  • Queen at Home by Lauren Pomells
  • Summer Fun by Clara Carlson
  • Dino Destruction by Journee Howard

3rd Place Winner
Title: Happy Family
Artist: Sandra Velasquez Maineri

2nd Place Winner
Title: Animal Crystal House Artist: Finley Givan

1st Place Winner
Title: Tree Trunkz
Artist: Saevone Gordon

Teens Category (age 13-18):
Honorable Mentions:

  • Mixed Media by Abigail Bloom
  • Untitled by Jared Flaks
  • First Wave of the Pandemic by Lauren Peruta
  • Capgras Castle by Sydney Budaj

3rd Place Winner
Title: Two Women
Artist: Isabella Taverney

2nd Place Winner
Title: Self-Portrait
Artist: Christian Friedman-Ringwood

1st Place Winner
Title: Summoning Myself
Artist: Alexander Sanborn

Art Education Award Winner
Title: Spellbound
Artist: Nicholas Clate

Teens Looking Out for Teens Category (age 13-24):
Honorable Mentions:

  • “I Can’t Breathe” by Autumn Sankofa
  • Color vs. Dyslexia by Audrey Buccheri
  • Our Voice is Our Power by Anabella Cartiera
  • Reflection by Sean Desjardins

3rd Place Winner
Title: Terra-Cotta Figures of Ancient Chinese Lady
Artist: Ten Zhong

2nd Place Winner:
Title: You Don’t Need a Sign
Artist: Juliana Buonopane

1st Place Winner
Title: Covid Conversations
Artist: Andrea Moyano

Amateur Category:
Honorable Mentions:

  • Yonic Rainbow by Meghann Osgood
  • Alone in Thought by Terese Maineri

3rd Place Winner
Title: Image #A2
Artist: Jim Salafia

2nd Place Winner
Title: Storm Coming
Artist: Jane Macomber

1st Place Winner
Title: Sincerely Yours
Artist: Carson Millican

Intermediate Category:
Honorable Mentions:

  • Asphyxiation by Gillian Symolon
  • Serenity by Paul Uccello
  • Nakhi Musician by Weitao Wang
  • Soliloquy by Heather Delaney

3rd Place Winner
Title: Vector
Artist: Eddie Hall

2nd Place Winner
Title: The Young Legend
Artist: Sydney Halsall

1st Place Winner
Title: Covid 4th, 2020
Artist: David Sierra

Professional Category:
Honorable Mentions:

  • Vinny by Michelle Hawran
  • Blue by Caleb Brackett
  • The New Savior by Thea Wilcox Ciciotte
  • Woven Wool Shawl – Maroon by Mateo Velasquez Lopez

3rd Place Winner
Title: Roddy
Artist: Alex Ranniello

2nd Place Winner:
Title: The Demonstration
Artist: Susan Goldberg

1st Place Winner:
Title: Mother Son Collaboration
Artist: Cristina Pinton

Best in Show Winner:
Title: Rethinking Time
Artist: Semaj Campbell

Congratulations to ALL of this year’s artists!

We are putting the final touches on the video of our “Virtual Awards Ceremony” for this year. We will be in touch very soon with a link to the video so that you can watch it and celebrate together with your friends and families.

And don’t forget to view the winning work on SmugMug:
2021 WINNERS! – CRT National Arts Show 2021 (


Pictured above: Youth First Place Winner, “Tree Trunkz” by Saevone Gordon.