Elizabeth Vinick

Senior Director for Administration

Elizabeth Vinick is Senior Director for Administration at CRT, responsible for the agency’s Energy Assistance Program, Weatherization Program, property management and asset management of CRT’s multifamily properties, and insurance and contracting.

Over the past two decades, Elizabeth’s career has focused on creating jobs and making safe, decent, sustainable housing available for homeless and low income individuals and families and creating and implementing strategies and program structures to use subsidies effectively to achieve those goals. Elizabeth was strongly influenced by her experience working in a large city in Massachusetts focused on establishing compliance systems and contracting and procurement protocols after a federal investigation. While there she also witnessed the impacts of the subprime lending crisis and became committed to a career making a difference in urban neighborhoods including the more targeted use of subsidy funds.

Prior to joining CRT, at the real estate investment subsidiary of a large insurance company, Elizabeth focused on Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) investments and high yield commercial institutional lending. During her time there she learned how to price real estate risk for almost every asset class, including hotels, office buildings, retail developments and residential and commercial construction projects, which she feels is essential to successful housing and economic development work. Her career also includes several years at a nonprofit housing and neighborhood revitalization organization in Springfield, where she worked on the implementation of a key neighborhood stabilization initiative and led the development and successful submission of the agency’s initial strategic plan to become a NeighborWorks member; experience leading the formation of a regional Housing First network in Massachusetts; and seven years at the start of her career working in economic development in the New York City strategic planning department, where Vinick analyzed labor market data, managing pipeline projects, and worked with developers, property owners, brokers, universities, and industry experts to identify and in some cases rezone sites.

Her other professional experience includes membership as a volunteer on her Town’s Planning and Zoning Commission and volunteer experience as part of many political campaigns.

She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Mount Holyoke College and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Harvard.