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50 Years of Community Renewal Team

Looking back on the past helps us prepare for tomorrow

In the summer of 1962, five prominent groups in Hartford set down a path for action around the idea of human renewal in local communities. After incorporating in 1963, CRT was born out of a grassroots movement into a community action agency—one of the first in the country.
Since these early days, CRT has worked closely with local officials, providers, private funders and the public to address challenges such as hunger, homelessness and unemployment. Together we have increased access to education, affordable housing, and mental health services. For 50 years, CRT has grown steadily while maintaining its commitment to positively changing lives and creating opportunities for individuals and families throughout Central Connecticut.
As 2013 marks our 50th anniversary year, we invite our partners as well as community members, businesses, groups and organizations to celebrate our accomplishments and set the stage for our road ahead
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