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CRT's Profile of Services

CRT's listing of available programs and services for individuals and families is highlighted in this document. Click on the image below to view and download. 

Annual Reports

CRT publishes an Annual Report each year reporting both required financial information and feature stories about our unique programs and customer successes. 

CRT Annual Report 2019

CRT Annual Report 2018



CRT Annual Report 2017


CRT Annual Report 2016


CRT Annual Report 2015



CRT Annual Report 2014


CRT Annual Report 2013


CRT Annual Report 2012




CRT ECE Report

            2016 - 2017 Report


2014 - 2015 Report January 2014   January 2011


CRT In The News

2019 Media Booklet 2018 Media Booklet

2017 Media Booklet


Media Booklet jan-Mar 2016


Media Booklet 2015



Media Booklet Jul/Sep 2015


Media Booklet Apr/Jun 2015


Media Booklet Jan/Mar 2015





CRT Vision Magazine

CRT Vision is a periodic publication focusing on relevant programming offered by CRT, published by the CRT Office of Communications. 


Vision Magazine
Back to School


Vision Magazine
Children and Poverty


Vision Magazine
Spotlight on Seniors

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Updated April 2020  
Meet CRT's President Lena Rodriguez
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