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Register Now for CRT's 18th Annual Meals on Wheels Golf Classic
CRT is hosting the 18th Annual Meals on Wheels Golf Classic on Wed., Sept. 18, 2019 at Tunxis Country Club in Farmington, CT. Join us for a day of golf that helps to support the needs of home-bound seniors in your community. Sign up to play or become a sponsor! Click on the Events tab below for more info!

Expert Knowledge

Connect with industry leaders who have specialized experience and knowledge in human services. CRT offers expertise on a broad spectrum of human services, available for stories requiring background, expertise and local research. Browse by category. Then contact us so we may connect you with the right source.

Trends in Basic Needs for Vulnerable Populations


  • Staff works with vulnerable populations living in more than 70 towns, equaling approximately 130,000 individuals and families in a given year
  • Our experts thoroughly understand how unstable economic and societal pressures affect our communities
  • In-depth knowledge areas: homelessness, food security issues, life skills training, financial literacy, mental & behavioral health and more

Also consider these stories: fatherhood development, trends in SNAP

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Early Childhood Education & Child Development


  • CRT’s School Readiness programs work closely with preschool children and their families throughout Central CT.
  • Our experts understand how educational tools lead to life-skills development and strong investment in younger generations.
  • In-depth knowledge areas: early education successes and barriers, multi-cultural learning environments

Also consider these stories: Child Abuse Prevention.

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Nutrition Services


  • Approximately 5,500 healthy meals leave CRT facilities daily to meet nutritional needs for people across communities and generations and our nutrition education programs propel individuals and families toward self-sufficiency when it comes to health and wellness
  • Our Experts in the field deliver quality programs year-round including: summer food sites for children with partnerships with farmers’ markets; food pantries;  and Meals-On-Wheels for seniors
  • In-depth knowledge areas: education & healthy choices; value of volunteers with meal delivery; building connections through improving health in the community

Also consider these stories: Shopping Matters (grocery store education), CATCH Healthy Habits (intergenerational health program)

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Energy-Efficiency / Building Revitalization / Real Estate


  • CRT is an expert in weatherization of single and multi-family homes, public housing developments and shelters. Thousands of units have been weatherized by CRT and its subcontractors over the past several years
  • After years of success weatherizing homes and apartments for low-income customers, CRT now has the capacity to serve homeowners who do not meet specific income guidelines
  • CRT’s affiliate real estate and property management company, The Meadows, is an award-winning developer based in the local community since 1985. The Meadows plans and builds communities and manages properties to improve return on investment
  • The Meadows works closely with corporate property owners, investors, housing authorities, regional and municipal governments, non-profit organizations and others in developing and improving buildings to 21st century standards
  • In-depth knowledge areas: weatherization and energy efficiency upgrades; affordable housing revitalization; building requirements for specific populations, including licensed preschool space; housing for the elderly and disabled; use of Low Income Housing Tax Credits and other financial tools

Also consider these stories: Affordable Housing Development in recent decades, Youth Employment Programs facilitated by CRT

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Financial Literacy / Employment/ Life-Skills Training


  • Financial security, employment training and general life skills are central to CRT’s Steps to Success model of getting people ready to take on life’s challenges
  • Our experts and their staff in several CRT programs empower people to take on their financial and employment struggles through programs like: the Financial Literacy Institute, the Individual Development Account, First Time Homebuyer courses, Job Readiness, Fresh Start for women, and much more
  • In-depth knowledge areas: barriers to employment; successes/ challenges of the SNAP processes; money management for vulnerable populations

Also consider these stories: AIC, Earned Income Tax Credit successes through the VITA program

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Asian-American Life


  • Our Asian Family Services site in Hartford is a hub for Asian-Americans residing in the area and provides a connection point for families and individuals seeking services in an inviting atmosphere
  • Case managers and clinicians are on the front lines in the struggles among cultural and societal pressures facing Asian-Americans in day-to-day life
  • In-depth knowledge areas: family counseling, connecting new immigrants with services, celebrating cultural aspects of Asian life in Connecticut

Also consider these stories: Domestic Violence prevention, Campaign to End Child Abuse.

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Veterans Services for Adults & Families


  • CRT provides transitional housing for homeless veterans who are struggling to find work, reunite with their families or live sober and successful lives.
  • Throughout the state, veteran families in danger of losing their housing receive case management and assistance with either retaining their housing or being quickly re-housed in a more affordable dwelling
  • CRT will be constructing the first assisted living for veterans in the Eastern United States on the Newington Veterans Medical Campus
  • In-depth knowledge areas: connecting Veterans with affordable housing, serving needs of Veteran families, clinical care referral process knowledge

Also consider these stories: Veterans Landing (future housing development), re-entry and criminal justice programs, Generations Campus (grandparents raising grandchildren).

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Elders in Urban Life & Geriatric Care


  • Senior services at CRT have been available to Connecticut residents since CRT’s inception and they remain a cornerstone of the organization
  • From Meals on Wheels and Senior Cafés to The Retreat assisted living for seniors in Hartford’s downtown, CRT staff understand the complex and evolving needs of seniors at all income levels and they understand effective service delivery through towns large and small
  • The new Gatekeeper Program allows a trained case manager to field inquiries from seniors or their families, who are confused by the maze of programs, services and benefits
  • In-depth knowledge areas: senior nutrition and active lifestyle considerations, housing issues and center-based care for senior couples and individuals, community engagement and much more

Also consider these stories: Meals on Wheels Golf Tournament, The Retreat Assisted Living, Generations Campus (grandparents raising grandchildren)

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Behavioral & Mental Health Service Delivery


  • Qualified staff provide expert care daily to program participants as alternative to the inpatient hospitalization services, which are often times the only available option for people in need of treatment, counseling or rehabilitation
  • CRT’s wide service range in this specialized area of expertise include: out-patient counseling for individuals and families; crisis management; community reintegration; targeted case management and relationship-building
  • In-depth knowledge areas: leading support groups, mental health diagnosis, struggles of community re-entry

Also consider these stories: Homeless Shelter care, AIC, Financial Literacy Institute

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Neighborhood Development & Capacity-Building in Communities


  • Community development is at the heart of community action
  • Staff are experts in identifying needs in communities, gaps in services and ways to innovate current service delivery to match evolving needs within evolving financial constraints
  • In-depth knowledge areas: real estate management for affordable housing developments, preschool as an essential life-building period for children in urban areas, life-skills training programs and services; connections for community members created by extending access to available resources needed for self-sufficiency

Also consider these stories: Generations Campus (grandparents raising grandchildren), Resource Centers, Individual Development Account (IDA program)

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